All about the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019


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All about the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

May 21, 2019

Strolling along Piccadilly it is hard not to miss the fact that the world’s largest art show is underway.  Every summer, the Royal Academy hosts an amazing Summer Show where you can find almost every type of art possible, from abstracts to classical portraits, comic book art to massive sculptures, installations to landscapes – and everything in between!

This is the largest exhibition of its kind. Anyone can apply to take part.  For guests staying with us at the Park City Grand Plaza Hotel London, this is one not to be missed. Every member of the Royal Academy has the right to participate, as well as amateur and professional artists of all kinds. Hunt around the rooms and you can find works by famous contemporary artists like Tracey Ermin as well as unknown amateurs. In fact over two thirds of the works on display are by non-members of the Academy.

Over 1,200 works of art can be seen in the exhibition – and that is only a fraction of the number of artworks submitted for potential inclusion.  Every spring, the application process begins with artists submitting works to a panel of judges. Thousands of art works pass through the doors of the Royal Academy and are given equal consideration. 

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This year, the exhibition is set to be more impressive than ever.  It will occupy several large halls within the Royal Academy, as well as the courtyard where large-scale sculptural works will be on display.  There will even be an installation of flags spilling out onto Bond Street.  One of the most eye catching display areas is set to be the massive Central Hall where an animal themed ‘Menagerie’ will take pride of place.  Whatever your taste in art, you can guarantee that you will find something of interest at the Summer Show.

For many people, part of the fun is trying to spot the celebrities.  The Summer Show is part of the London Social Scene and attracts lots of celebrity visitors – both to see it and to take part.  Their art works are rarely highlighted; it is a matter of checking signatures and trying to spot famous names. 

Almost everything on display is for sale – so you could find yourself buying some impressive art.  All funds raised go to help maintain the Royal Academy Art School. Grab an early breakfast at one of the many restaurants in Kensington London before heading off for the show. Also, Pre-book your tickets or face a long queue to enter due to the sheer number of people who enjoy discovering the latest art styles.