Explore London’s Ghostly History


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Explore London’s Ghostly History

August 27, 2019

As twilight deepens, London’s ghosts come out to play! With over 2,000 years of history, this is a city that has experienced countless plagues, riots, murders, executions and spooky happenings. 

Jack the Ripper terrorized Victorian London, murdering and mutilating women living in the gas-lit streets of the East End.  He was never caught, but there have been many suggestions as to his identity – including people close to the Royal Family. Why not join a Jack the Ripper Ghost Walk through the darkened streets of the East End and find out about his victims and the possible identities of their killer?

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Standing majestically on the banks of the River Thames, the Tower of London has acted as a royal palace, a prison and an execution site.  Within its walls, numerous traitors have been executed as have two of Henry VIII’s Queens.  It is said that their ghosts haunt the Church of St Peter Ad Vincula, while elsewhere in the Tower royal Princes disappeared and were never seen again, prisoners were tortured and the roll call of deaths was high. Who knows just what might appear amid those hidden corners and passageways when you take part in a Twilight Tour?

Book a stay at Park Grand Hotel Kensington hotel and take a guided walk around the city of London to hear tales of poisonings, executions, of haunted houses and offices.  Find out why the great bell at Lloyds of London sometimes rings of its own accord.  Other ghost walks may take you past the site of Newgate, one of London’s most notorious prisons, or visit Tyburn where so many people met their end on the gallows.  Then there are stories of Roman soldiers marching through the streets, and the notorious Sweeney Todd, the butcher of Fleet Street whose pies held ghastly secrets.

For a really nerve-wracking experience, book a seat on the black London Ghost bus.  Incredibly atmospheric, it tours the streets while a strange conductor recounts stories of horror and terror.  Nor are all the passengers quite what they seem – be prepared for some strange encounters en route!

Enjoy a mouthwatering food at any of the restaurants in Kensington London and head over to Westminster for a visit to the London Dungeon.  You really need nerves of steel here since terrifying surprises lurk in the darkness as you pass through its maze of corridors and rooms.  Discover what it is like to walk through the flames of the Great Fire, meet the Plague Doctor and visit a Torture Chamber, explore the Whitechapel Labyrinth and try to escape from Newgate Prison.  And when you think it is all over – you still have to face the Drop Dead: Drop Ride in order to leave!