Exploring 5 Unforgettable Street Art Locations Across London


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Exploring 5 Unforgettable Street Art Locations Across London

May 16, 2023

Started in the 1970s in the streets of New York, the graffiti street art has spread all around the world. From megacities to the small ones, vacant walls are treasured by these creative mindsets! And the city of London has not been spared by such artists.

There is so much creativity and art in the streets of London that it has been listed as one of the top places to visit to witness these spectacular pieces. From larger-than-life portraits to cartoons and social motifs, artists use different faces to channel their creativity.

Although every street art is worth taking pictures and admiring the artist, but there are a few that you must visit and witness the creative technique in person.

London’s Best 5 Street Art

Brick Lane

It wouldn't be wrong to treat Brick Lane as a treasure hunt because there’s so much street art in this place. You can begin strolling from the Stolen Space Gallery, located on Osbourn Street, and move towards Commercial Street – you will see every wall, every corner filled with magnificent pieces of colorful artwork.

Leake Street Tunnel

Located inside a tunnel under the Waterloo Station, the art here is made by a famous artist called Banksy seven years ago. He hosted a Festival of Cans here once, and since this place has become a legal spot for spraying, stencil and graffiti art, and freehand work.

Walk in here anytime during the day, and you’ll see people spraying, practicing their art because it is a legal place to do so. Be sure to keep your cameras charged because you will be clicking a lot of pictures.

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Shoreditch is a whole new world in itself! There’s a ton of artwork here, so it is recommended to visit this separately. What's different here is that along with graffiti art, this street also has some amazing sponsored work as well. You spot the Amara por Dios piece, made in UV paint, sponsored by Sony.

Shoreditch has artworks made by some big names such as Ben Eine, Cranio, Banksys, Rolla, Stinkfish.


Labeled as the Hub of Creativity, you will see art flowing; left, right, and center. The brightly colored murals, bold graffiti, and funky artwork on the façade of the buildings make it a beautiful place to be at.

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Hackney Wick

Art in an industrial area does not sound very legal, but it is as good as others! This place is smashed with art, as a lot of artists and beginners live in the nearby warehouse, making this street their crib. One of the most eye-catching art pieces is the large mural done by Martin Ron Murales on Wallis Street. While touring this area, you must not forget Fish Island, which is the real gem. The entire area with artwork done by Sweettooth, the guy went cray-cray down there!

Give these colorful streets a chance, live a little, and when you're ready to unwind, indulge in the luxury hotels in South Kensington to make your stay in London even more memorable.