How to Plan a Fun London Literary Tour for Kids


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How to Plan a Fun London Literary Tour for Kids

May 9, 2024


A literary adventure exploring London is just the ticket to instill the reading culture in kids. The bustling city of London hides treasures galore - places that nurtured some of Britain's best-loved authors and the tales they wove. Over a day, you will be transported to magical worlds through the actual spots that sparked writers' imaginations. What discoveries and creative sparks will unfold as stories spring to life off the page? Let your journey begin!

Morning in Kensington Gardens

You can start among the blossoms of Kensington Gardens, where Beatrix Potter found scenery for her most famous bunny. You get to spy on the Peter Rabbit sculpture. Wander the leafy glades, spotting details from tales in the flora at your feet. You can also take in observations your sharp eyes uncover about the landscape which may have fueled Potter's creativity. As the morning unfolds, consider a leisurely break at the best place to stay in Kensington to recharge for the adventures ahead at the Park Grand London Kensington.

A Stroll Through Dickensian London

Next, you can slip into the past on a walking tour through Charles Dickens' streets. Begin at the bustling Covent Garden Market, where Oliver Twist began his journey. Picture the shopfronts and offices lining the Strand as Dickens knew them. You get to also Peer into churchyards for ghosts.

Afternoon Tea in Bloomsbury

The next stop takes you to Bloomsbury - home to one of Britain's most beloved book characters. On quiet streets lined with townhomes and literary society plaques, it's not hard to picture Mary Poppins or other P.L. Travers' creations floating overhead! Fuel your exploration at a local café known for homemade scones and tea, just as the author herself enjoyed during London visits. 

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A Walk on the Wild Side with Kenneth Grahame 

Leaving central London behind, your next journey transport you to more rural escapes. Travel west to Richmond Park, one of Europe's largest Royal Parks. Wide meadows and ancient oaks offer the perfect atmosphere to read excerpts from The Wind in the Willows. See if any settings among the wildlife whisper similarities to Ratty and Mole's adventures along the riverbank. Keep your eyes peeled for grazing deer just as Grahame witnessed during country walks inspiring his classic tale.

An Evening in Storyland

In closing, rush London's literary journey through a truly dreamy route. In the hearts of Hampstead Hill Storyland, you will discover the literary characters from the books you love so much. Under candlelight on a cool night, gather together and take turns reading out stories as you all find yourselves surrounded by bronzed figures- a proper goodbye to a day of moving from text to a place. Back to the town beaming with lights, these young ones are filled with memories and imagination that have been kindled by collaborating with authors and the scenery that nourishes their creative endowment. And after this magical evening, return to the welcoming embrace of the Park Grand London Kensington.


At the end of the day when evening comes and city lights start glittering again, these children's minds will remain bubbling with creative ideas that have been ensued all day long. By tying renowned writers with the actual places that have been the scene of their most appreciated plots, you have made stories come alive literally off the pages for the kids.