Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday


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Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday

July 4, 2018

Head off to a world of make-believe, magic, and pure imagination, experiencing classical music in a very different way.  

Deep underground near Waterloo Station is a maze of tunnels hiding some unusual secrets throughout the summer.  Based on the world of Disney’s Fantasia, it celebrates the 90th birthday of his most irresistible and famous creation – Mickey Mouse. But it is not a rerun of the film. In fact, there are no experts from the film being shown. Instead, it is a homage to Mickey Mouse and Fantasia in which every participant can have a different experience depending on their reactions to the music and the setting.  No two visits are ever the same. This is magic personified.

Put on some earphones and head into the world of Disney’s Fantasia.  Iconic songs such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Rite of Spring are linked into immersive installations complete with spectacular lighting and 3D projections.  Are the people talking to you real or not? Only you can make that decision! Can you escape the wizards? Or survive in a prehistoric landscape that twists and turns to the music?

As you listen through the headphones, you are guided through the maze of vaults, taking as much time as you want to experience the many facets of this sorcerous world.  While a resident at Park City Hotel London experience the Sorcerers lair, leaping animals, drifting worlds of color and magic. It is a world where anything can happen from dancing mushrooms, dueling wizards, a funky hippo, a walk through a prehistoric wasteland and fairies amid a magical forest.

Each new tunnel offers something, new and different guaranteed to appeal to young and old alike.  Some of the sets are very dark and full of flashing lights, while others are dreamy and highly relaxing.

For evening visitors searching for the good food, they would love to visit Kensington Hotel Restaurant which will serve fresh and tasty food combined with a relaxing drink in the pop -up bar with themed cocktails designed to appeal to a magical audience.  

Sounds and Sorcery is pure, undiluted magic, a concert that you can actually experience in every way from start to finish.  It is a multi-sensory experience like no other in London.