Earl’s Court


What makes Earl’s Court a great place? A lot of factors affect the popularity of the place such as the nearby restaurants, cafes, properties, bars, etc., but what makes it stand out from the rest?

It is about the long history behind it. Earl’s Court is a district located within Greater London. It was once a rural area prior to the Norman Conquest and had been under different rules - from Thegn Edwin to Geoffrey de Monterey

The name “Earl’s Court” came from the long-time noble owners of the land – the Earls of Warwick. Their rules had given birth to various changes in the place but their reign ended when the 7th Earl of Warwick and 4th Earl of Holland passed away in 1721. 

In the 19th century, a project was developed by Lord Kensington, which included the conversion of the Counter’s Creek into the Kensington Canal. From that development, Earl’s Court had become densely populated with over 1,200 houses and two churches built, and by the end of the century, the first hospital was opened.

In contemporary history, Earl’s Court became home to famous institutions – London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art founded in 1861, London Electronics College founded in 1892. It was responsible for the expansion of the use of Morse Code and the Poetry Society founded in 1909. All of these are now gone, but their influence will be forever etched in Earl’s Court.

During the World Wars 1 and 2, Earl’s Court was dubbed as the Polish Corridor because of a number of Polish officers who opened small businesses in the place. Earl’s Court was also known as Bedsitter Land because of the hotels and hostels on its rendered terraces.

Exciting Things to Do in Earl’s Court

The strong historical foundation of Earl’s Court contributes to the things that people can do in or around the area, such as:

  • Walking around the Kensington Gardens – Breathe the healthy fresh air while admiring the beauty of the things in the park such as monuments and sculptures.
  • Visiting the Metropolitan Police Heritage – Treasure the importance of the police force through the Metropolitan’s public displays such as uniforms, maps, and photographs.
  • Paying Respect in the Brompton Cemetery – Be amazed in one of London’s historic cemeteries that mix wildlife and stories behind thousands of people buried there.
  • Remembering Freddie Mercury at Garden Lodge – Pay respect to the final home of Queen’s vocalist Freddie Mercury.
  • Learning History at the Kensington Palace – Be inspired in the official home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and learn history through some parts of the Royal home.
  • Visiting a London Winery – Just a short distance from Earl’s Court, London Cru is a place where you can learn first-hand how wine is made. You can also have the opportunity to have a taste of freshly made wine. 

After a day full of activities, a nice place to stay is an absolute must for weary travelers. Fortunately, Park City Grand Plaza Kensington is a perfect place to refresh from the day’s travel. Park City Grand Plaza Kensington is just 5 minutes away from Earl’s Court via Lexham Gardens.