Royal Albert Hall

People living in a particular place are best identified based on how they treat the structures from the past. Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall that has witnessed the ups and downs of the great city of London. It is a concert hall famous for both local and overseas tourists.

The history of this place started when Queen Victoria opened the place for a world-leading artist to perform. It almost became the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences.

The first opening ceremony of the Hall happened on March 29, 1871. Edward, the Prince of Wales, gave a speech for everyone who attended the Exhibition. His hearing problems became an important reason why the Hall was covered.

There are lots of changes based on the facts about the place and it supports it. Today, there are a lot of modern activities to be done within the hall’s walls.

Aesthetics make other people work close to perfection. The Triumph of Art and Sciences contains sixteen different subjects all-important to human life. Music, Painting, Sculpture, Agriculture, etc. are just a few of them.

Music has been the soul of this place and connecting to past events is always easy every time a concert happens in the Hall. Because of this, the place was titled “The Nation’s Village Hall.”

Contemporary artists and celebrities who have appeared or performed in the place include Muhammad Ali, Eric Clapton, Adele, and Shirley Bassey. This proves that the place may grow old, but it has never lost its beauty.

Royal Albert Hall is an enormous place dedicated to music but the things to do are not just related to music. From the Natural History Museum to the Kensington Gardens, there is still a lot more to do within the hall. 

These include:

  • Learn Science in the Natural History Museum – the best way to learn science is to see and experience it and the Natural History Museum makes these possible - just like magic.
  • Relax at the Kensington Gardens – There is a lot going on within the Kensington Gardens. You can boost your connection to the environment through brisk walking, jogging or just plain walking.
  • Visit Kensington Palace – From one place to another, there are lots to learn about London’s history and the Kensington Palace. Here, you can see a lot of gardens and apartments.
  • Visit 18 Stafford Terrace – When you talk about self-defense or self-protection, a lot of places can be visited. 18 Stafford Terrace is made for you to understand the life of the middle classes in the Victorian-era.


Getting to the place doesn’t have to be mind-blowing. Royal Albert Hall is located in Kensington Gore,  a short distance from Park City Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel – your best hotel near Royal Albert Hall. It is open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. It is strategically located in the area near transportation services. 

The price range varies, mainly depending on the age of visitors. The secret towards the success of this place lies in the unconditional love of the people that live within it. Art from the past still survives until now.