Must-See Shows & Musicals for Kids in London’s Theater


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Must-See Shows & Musicals for Kids in London’s Theater

August 14, 2023

Trotting the globe with kids may seem a bit daunting but only for those who plan their itinerary well. London, however, remains a favorite spot for kids worldwide. While other European nations may only offer history and nature to admire, this metropolis opens the gateway of theatres and arts for kids to indulge in.

Known for live theatres and musicals, London is an excellent spot to introduce performing arts to your children. The rich history of the theatres and Shakespeare classics being performed with much enthusiasm is a sight to witness. If you’re planning to visit London these summers, make sure to add these live plays to your kid’s itinerary.

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An early 90’s kid fav, Matilda is a classic that even kids from today must watch. The immersive musical of Roald Dahl’s special piece will stun the entire family. The fact that none of the story characters are left out in this musical, your kids will see a lot of other children participate too which makes it even more interesting and exciting. 

Head to the Cambridge Theatre, near Covent Garden to watch this 2-hour 40 mins long, fabulous musical. 

Lion King

Want to introduce your kids to the Hakuna-Matata life? Take them to the Lion King Musical. This emotional Disney hit will definitely be a musical to remember. Taking place in the Apollo Victoria Theatre, this musical is 2 hours and 45 mins long. The gripping story of a lion cub losing its father and becoming the King of the Jungle, later on, will leave your kids inspired. 

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea

A story by Judith Kerr, is a perfect to bring in your toddlers for a new experience. This play is an adaptation of the best-seller The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The lovely theatrical experience of vibrant colors and kid's comedy with a mix of dance and drama will surely have your kids mesmerized.

Not only kids, but the play will leave you refreshed and remind you of your childhood bedtime stories. The play starts from July 2023 and will be located at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. This live performance is open to children over 3 years of age.

SpongeBob Musical

Who doesn’t love the good old square sponge living under the sea with his dearest starfish best friend? I’m sure we all do! This is one cartoon that is still running strong amongst all generations. The chaotic underwater life of SpongeBob, Patrick and their famous hamburger spot is all that we really need to see. Enjoy this theatrical experience of SpongeBob emerging as a hero in bottleneck situations and saving the day each time!

Visit the Southbank Centre to witness this fun theatrical gig. This play is only available in August 2023, so make sure to book your tickets well in advance.

Now that we’ve listed the best theatres and musicals for you, it is time to get going and have some fun with your little humans!

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