Experience London’s Beauty from Above: Best Viewing Locations


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Experience London’s Beauty from Above: Best Viewing Locations

July 9, 2024

The remarkable London skyline, presented on postcards and countless items, is among the most well-known locations throughout the world. The city’s unique character is showcased in the different architectural styles that have been overbuilt in a period spanning centuries, an amazing Thames River, and verdant parks. One has to visit this city without reaching the top of the viewing platform to see it in all its glory.  

The high vantage points offer the city's lush landscape, detailed building projects, and lively atmosphere in a way that is different from that down on the ground to anyone, be it a resident or a tourist. Here are the coolest places to go to get a bird's-eye view of London from the historic monuments to the modern skyscrapers.

For those planning a visit to iconic spots such as the Royal Albert Hall, staying at a hotel near Royal Albert Hall ensures you are close to both historic and contemporary viewpoints. With such convenient accommodation, you can easily explore London’s beauty from above and enjoy the city's diverse attractions.

London’s Beauty

There are several locations where you may enjoy a bird's-eye perspective over the city, including the top of the Sky Garden and The Shard. Book a stay at one of London's greatest family hotels and read on for ideas. 

If you're looking for a thrill or just want to soak in the magnificent vistas of London and make the finest memories with your loved ones, these are the top attractions with captivating panoramic views of London that you shouldn't miss.

The Shard

The Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom which is situated at a remarkable height of 310 meters. The View from The Shard, from floors 68 to floor 72, allows you to see all parts of the city.

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The London Eye

The London Eye also called the Millennium Wheel is a huge Ferris wheel positioned on the Southern Embankment of Thames River. This hill is 135 meters tall and is a very scenic way of seeing the city through it. Every turn is the duration of the time needed for the sights to be changed.

Sky Garden

The attraction garden Londoners visit is the Sky Garden located at the building called "Walkie-Talkie" at 20 Fenchurch Street highest above the city. It has a total of four floors; the upper floors are covered with greenery, while the lower ones are built with space-grade glass, offering visitors a series of exhilarating rides and a chance to wonder at a panoramic view of the city.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Saint Paul's Cathedral, characterized by its famous dome has been not only a part of the London skyline but also a time-honored institution for 300 years now. Scaling St. Paul's climb gives people the experience of walking through the history of architecture while enjoying a view of the city that is like no other.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park, one of the oldest royal parks in London, stands on the hills, from where the views are pristine. The park is where you can find the Royal Observatory, the Prim Meridian Line, and the National Maritime Museum, and this, together with its characteristic appearances, gives historical significance to the stunning vistas.


The modern city of London is visually richer if observed from a higher angle as it displays its abundant story of history, culture, and architecture in a great combination of colors and shapes. In case you opt for the modern The Shard, the ancient Gothic style St. Paul's Cathedral, or the natural tranquility of Primrose Hill, finding each viewpoint is a new and memorable experience. Isola next time you are in London, don't forget to spend some time looking up, climbing up high, and seeing the city differently. Staying at a hotel in South London UK will ensure you are conveniently located to explore these breathtaking views.