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March 6, 2019

Searching for the latest street fashion? Then head for Carnaby Street, a network of small alleyways just off Oxford Street near Oxford Circus tube.

This is where you will find the unusual, individualistic stores that are leading the way in street fashion. And if you are planning to go there, you can book hotel South Kensington in advance for your convenience.

Carnaby Street has been well known for its fashion stores for several decades. It was here that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones shopped for clothes back in the late fifties and early sixties, along with Brigitte Bardot.  It was where amazing stunts took place such as an actress walking down the street with a cheetah.

Little has changed.  You can still find quirky, unusual styles of clothing, and eye-catching events (but no cheetahs!). Anything can happen.  In October, it will house the world’s first ever Queen-inspired art installation complete with Freddie Mercury’s iconic lyrics in dazzling neon lights.  Even menu’s in the bars and restaurants will have a Queen-inspired the theme.

This is where you can create bespoke, individualistic accessories without spending a fortune.  Stop off at Havaianas and make your own flip flops.  Over at Nixon, you can spend some time at the customization bar to create a bespoke watch complete with engraved detailing.  

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The range of shops in Carnaby Street is amazing.  With over 100 stores in this small area, there are lots of choices.  Many are very individualistic brands such as Dropdead, SkinnyDip, Peckham Rye, Ragged Priest, Cheap Monday and Lazy Oaf which sell a vast range of men and women's street fashion.  Explore eyewear at Finlay, or choose some fun footwear at Irregular Choice. Need some jewellery? Joy Everley has a fantastic range, while Mor has unusual handcrafted, organic styles.

Need a break from shopping? Why not go for a swim at the Marshall Street Leisure centre, or visit the Duck & Dry for an exercise session.  You can even book any of the hotels in South Kensington London and get a haircut at the retro barber's.

And of course, there are lots of places to enjoy a drink, a snack or a meal. In fact, there are around 60 places.  Try Spanish tapas at Dehesa, or curry at Dishoom. Visit one of the many pubs for a pint of beer, or enjoy a speciality coffee at The Department of Coffee & Social Affairs.