London Under The Moon


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London Under The Moon

April 17, 2023

Nightlife in London is a vibe. From sticky-floored bars to retro bowling alleys and delightful kebab shops – this metropolitan city never sleeps. Be it the cold winter or the cool-humid summer nights; this city is spoilt for choice when it comes to nightlife fun.

Known as one of the most happening cities in the UK, London is famous for its surreal nightlife options. So, if you plan to spend an evening out in this city, you better put your best mode on, and prepare for a memorable night!

Nightlife in London – Top Seven Places

Sunset at the Sky Garden

One of the best ways to start your night out without any worries firstly book a stay at the Park City Grand Plaza Kensington for a comfortable and high-end stay right in the heart of the capital in this mega city. Lets take a 5miles ride from your hotel to Sky Garden and enjoy the breathtaking view of sunset at the Sky Garden. The wide landscape, the orange-purplish sky, and the dark skies slowly taking over London is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Night Kayaking

The next first thing you would want to do is Night Kayaking in the river Thames. See the twinkling landmarks from a whole new angle and feel the magic as the crisp London breeze gently hit your face. This late evening adventure starts at St. Mary’s Church, Battersea, and ends at Greenwich.

Orri Community

Join London’s ever-growing musical community at the Orri Community. Headed by artist Neue Grafik, the place does not fail to surprise you with its spectacular live music. From drums, trumpets, and keys to guitars and triangles, this place will take you on a musical journey, you’ve never experienced before.

London Shuffle Club

Get ready for nostalgic feels at the Shuffle Club, as the games remind you of your childhood. The competitive game format place has both outdoor and indoor shuffleboard courts, where you and your group of friends compete against each other, and become Shuffle Boards Pro in no time!

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Late Night Shopping at Seven Dials

Nothing is ever complete without some shopping. As a tourist, you’ll always want to shop and shop some more. Seven Dials is an ideal spot to hang out in the cobbled street and enjoy the night food market, and uber-cool retail shops. You’ll find some of the top flagship stores here with great roadside musicians and live gigs.

Singing Fun at Karaoke Box

Now it’s time for some booze and slurry singing. Head straight to the Karaoke Box with your friends, where you will find some of the best sake collections at the bar and an open mic to sing your heart out. The Karaoke Box also offers phenomenal Japanese food with waitress services in private rooms.

All-Nighter at Prince Charles Cinemas

Still not in the mood to go home from ? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Choose a budget accommodation in Kensington to stay and head to the Prince Charles Cinema – All Nighter, where you can lay back, relax and enjoy back-to-back streaming of films until the sunrises. You can bring in your own snacks or buy some from the stalls there. This spot is the best place to end your eventful night out in the streets of London.