Shop Till You Drop At Brent Cross


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Shop Till You Drop At Brent Cross

December 13, 2021

Forgot something? Looking for some gifts? Or fancy some retail therapy on your doorstep?

Look no further than Brent Cross Shopping Centre – it’s only a few minutes walk away and the choice of shops is enormous.  This is definitely the ultimate shopping experience.

Whether you want a new pair of shoes, books, toiletries, shirts or food, Brent Cross has the answer.  With over 120 stores and massive John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Fenwick and Waitrose outlets there is plenty of choice.

There are lots of specialist stores too, offering something just that little bit out of the ordinary such as David Deyong which sells exquisite silver jewellery or Swarovski with its beautiful, glittering crystals made into the most stunning jewellery.

Then of course there is fashion – the choice is enormous. Get yourself a comfortable stay at any of the hotels near Kensington and try Anthropologie with its specially curated mix of clothing, accessories and gifts covering every style from vintage to global, or Hawes & Curtis with luxurious leather bags, silk ties and formal wear. Seek out new, young designers at Skynnydip, or calm, stylish neutrals from The White Company.

Brent Cross is special. No matter what the weather outside, shopping is a pleasure. This was the first ever out of town, indoor shopping centre to be built in the UK, and it has kept that special individuality and character ever since.

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Film fans may well notice some familiar sights too. It starred in Bloc Party’s video for The Love Within and most spectacularly it featured in a James Bond film.  Brent Cross moonlighted as a Hamburg shopping centre in Tomorrow Never Dies, with Pierce Brosnan carrying out stunts in the car park.    

And it is not just shopping that is available.  You can find lots of places to enjoy good food and drink, as well as relaxing with some entertainment, which can vary from month to month. There has even been a drive in cinema option.

Brent Cross is the perfect choice for all your shopping needs – and you don’t have to travel far from Park City Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel to find it!