A Taste of London: Top Cafes That Deserve a Spot on Your List


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A Taste of London: Top Cafes That Deserve a Spot on Your List

September 14, 2023

Camera eats first!

At this age and time, yes the camera definitely eats first. Living in this fast-paced technological era, picture sharing is a common thing to do. From the Gen-Z to the millennials, every generation is completely immersed in the online world – social media. 

Popular photo-sharing applications like Instagram and Snapchat have raised the bar high for restaurant owners and food-makers. The aesthetic food photos you see on social make you want to try that beautiful-looking dish and share similar photos on your wall too.

Well, the food scene here in London is not far behind this trend. It has joined the bandwagon of cute, artsy cafes that attract people to admire the beauty, take lots of photos, try the unique-looking food, and show it off on social. We’ve listed a few of these wonderful cafes that you must try while in London.

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It is not a new concept to find cafes made just for Instagram. In fact, many business owners are taking up this marketing strategy as it works! Topping our list of such cafes is DYCE. Located in Marylebone, the place is every Instagrammer’s dream. This desert parlor and brunch spot has picture-perfect dishes such as the Lotus biscoff Hot Chocolate; how indulgent does that sound?! Then we also have a few brunch favorites such as the avocado toasts and acai bowls, which again are a treat to the eyes and mouth.

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Duck & Waffle

A café with sheer glass walls, overlooking the city from a height and an amazing variety of food to offer – Duck & Waffle is a must-visit. 

This café gives you the vibe of eating on an airplane and admiring the majestic view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Gherkin. Open for all meal times, this spot is known for its English classics made with local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients.

The Attendant

An eatery in a toilet?! Yes, you read that right. This particular coffee shop is built inside a former Victorian men’s toilet. The bizarre location and especially the original porcelain urinals that have been hygienically restored, have had it buzzing all over the media. 

Not only is the interior fascinating but the coffee and cakes here are amazing. Don’t forget to try their soft and delicious banana bread.

Mayfair Lavender Farm

Looking for a place to dine somewhere between nature? Then this Mayfair Lavender Farm is your spot to visit. Located in the Southern part of Greater London, this eatery is famous for its 25-acre lush lavender farm. 

They’ve set picnic tables all over the lavender fields, overlooking the purple fields – a scene outside a Taylor Swift music video! Their lavender-infused teas and drinks give a unique twist to the familiar taste palette and allow you to explore something new.  Perfect for a summer date, make sure to add this café to your list!

Why are you still reading? Get going and choose any of these cafes/restaurants to have your next meal at!

So, plan your London trip wisely, combining exquisite dining experiences with the Luxury hotels in South Kensington. Your London adventure awaits!"