Celebrating Women: Top International Women’s Day Events in London


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Celebrating Women: Top International Women’s Day Events in London

February 14, 2024


It is a significant day observed annually all over the world on 8th March to commemorate and celebrate what women achieved regardless of whether they are past or present. In 2024, London will also host some of the grandest and most important celebrations produced by this kindred event. How about the exciting marches, festivals leading to conferences, and even performances while we look forward to 2024 to honor women?

The WOW Festival Returns

One of the London IWD events that have been around for a fair period is The Women OF World (WOW) festival. Hosted by The Southbank Centre, WOW 2024 will happen from 1st to 5th March with its’ demanding activities including speeches, workshops demonstrations, and live performances. Festival participants were household names such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Malala Yousafzai, and Margot Robbie in past years. For future participants, in 2024 they may expect thematized discussions on women's leadership issues, reproductive rights of womanhood, and the power of heroin among other topics. It is the perfect scenario for being informed and empowered in a celebratory way for more days. As you plan your visit to London, consider staying at hotels close to Bupa Cromwell Hospital for convenient access to these empowering events.

March Through Central London

One of the important symbols is IWD in London, whose leaders have a massive march every year. March 8, in the streets of central London; organized by a coalition representing various grassroots women’s rights organizations will probably see tens of thousands of people gathering in what is now one of the world's powerful platforms to celebrate International Women's Days. Participants will unite in the advocacy for consolidation of gains made on issues that are sweeping through generations like a widening gender pay gap, violence against women, availability and cost-sharing with regard to healthcare services as well sentiments regarding political representation. The presence of motivational speakers outside yet before the march takes place, will be an inspiring and energizing show around sisterhood dominance.

Network at the IWD Gala

To celebrate the evening event, no one forgets to attend the annual International Women’s Day Gala held by the Mayor of London in City Hall. With over two hundred individuals in attendance, no doubt the 2024 Gala will celebrate a good number of women trailblazers who made waves locally and internationally with their exceptional leadership and accomplishments. Insightful speakers, award presentations, and a chance to mix with inspiring guests will feature. It is also a glamorous evening of food, drinks, and entertainment scheduled for performances. 

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Celebrate Sporting Sisterhood

In 2024, fabulous events will take place in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park of Stratford. Their programming showcases women in sport and STEM through hands-on workshops, panel discussions, skills presentations, and guided tours of facilities such as the Aquatics Centre. Watch women athletes perform and discover interesting possibilities of careers in male-dominated professions. There will also be opportunities to experiment with new sports, get fit by participating in outdoor exercise classes, or simply bask in the beauty of the public areas. Join the whole family for a powerful day out that celebrates women’s success and empowerment through physical activities in both fields of professional sports teams. 

Empowering Conferences

Business and professional organizations are aware of the need to empower women as well as to provide connections among young ambitious female leaders. Some significant conferences will occur in London on IWD 2024. Watch out for ticketed events organized by Women in Banking and Finance, and Women in Technology among other networking associations directed at promoting career women. Events like these offer priceless inspirational and advisory sessions by keynote speakers, intricate panel discussions, new colleagues, and mentors. Also, look for conferences where you can give back through charitable relations.

Community Bonding Over Food

For many cultures food is the language of love, and what better way to unite local women than by breaking bread together? Various women’s social and volunteer groups organize potlucks, brunches, or dinners on IWD to develop relationships through food. Watch out for open-invitation potluck parties, especially in places of worship and community centers across London communities. These discreet socials enable sisterhood and create avenues for developing support systems, discussing issues quietly while sharing dishes that have been cooked at home. 

Guided Walks Through Her Story

Through the stories of great women who have influenced London since its establishment, history is brought to life. There are different walking company tours that aim at bringing out the female narratives on IWD and special guided routes meant to highlight important sites around the city. Storytelling takes you to places where pioneers in politics, arts, sciences, or social justice lived and worked. Favored choices travel through Westmins,ter, Kensington, or East London areas with authentic guides that are dressed in historic outfits. While you plan your visit, consider staying at the Park Grand Hotel in Kensington for a comfortable and convenient stay.


IWD 2024 promises to be a magnificent showcase of London's vibrant celebratory spirit and ongoing mission to uplift women from all walks of life. From inspiring festivals and speakers to Marches, networking, and culinary traditions. There is truly an event for everyone enthusiastic about recognizing women's tireless contributions globally. Mark your calendars now for these unforgettable ways to honor sisterhood and progress in 2024.