Exploring London by Foot


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Exploring London by Foot

March 20, 2023

London’s big red bus is a superb way to tour the city and is famous worldwide for its day tours and excursions. But, do we really want to explore London through the mainstream ways? For all those looking for interesting ways to get around London and see its unexplored areas, ‘Walking Tours’ are exactly what you have been waiting for.

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The metropolis is known for its well-designed and structured streets and intricately cobbled alleyways that make it perfect to walk on and discover London. Since London existed long before any public transport were introduced, the city is extremely pedestrian-friendly making it ideal for Walking City Tours.

While there are plenty of Walking Tours in London, we have listed down a few which must not miss!

Walking Tour of the Buckingham Palace

This list of walking tours cannot be completed without adding Buckingham Palace to the list. London’s Royal charm Buckingham Palace is a must-visit. Although all of its tours are on foot, you’ve got to take the one that includes the ‘Changing of the Guard’. The interesting sight of seeing one group of soldiers clocking off and the other clocking in is truly one of its kind! Your guide would also walk you through the royal residencies, parks, and in and around the palace. All famous budget hotels in Kensington are just a tube away from Buckingham Palace tour to save time and money in commute.

Secret British Food Tour

A secret food tour? Now that’s definitely something that would intrigue anyone! This Secret British Food Tour is a three-hour long tour where you would get to discover eight delightful food stops within the London Bridge area. This area is specifically known for its cultured traditional British delicacies. The tour begins from the Borough Market where you would find classic Brit snacks and food and end the tour with a warm cup of tea and some biscuits. The best part about this tour is a secret surprise dish! So if you’re up for some food fun then put on your stretchy pants and hop on this tour.

Kensington Palace Garden Tours

Who would want to give up the opportunity of sipping on freshly made English tea whilst enjoying the splendid view of the Royal Gardens? Not me at least!

The Kensington Palace walking tour is soaked in royal history. This is a two-hour-long tour where you would learn about British royalty and the garden’s history. The tour does not include entrance into the buildings but you’ll be strolling through the gardens and looking at the marvelous Princess Diana statue and the Sunken Garden. The excursion ends with a splendid high tea within the surroundings of the gardens.

The Harry Potter Tour

It wouldn’t be wrong if we called Harry Potter the pride of UK, because it definitely is! Calling out all the Harry Potter fans because this tour would be their dream come true. This 150-minute tour starts from the Diagon Alley all the way through the Leaky Cauldron, and Platform 9 ¾.   You will find Park City Grand Plaza Kensington is very near to all the famous tours in London.

Now that we’ve listed the best walking tours of London, get going and book one today!